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  1. While I would concur that there is a lack of will on the part of Serif to produce a Linux version you should never underestimate the work involved in un-intertwining the mess of business logic and UI code that many large apps end up with. A distinct advantage that AfterShot has is that it used a cross platform UI toolkit from the get go and as a result they offer Linux. macOS and even a Windows version.
  2. In theory maybe, in practice very different UI toolkits. Much depends on how good Serif have been in separating the UI from from the logic.
  3. Please don't overlook Corel's AfterShot. Not as high hitting as PhotoShop but a decent contender for RAW processing and photo retouching.
  4. For video editing there's loads of choice from DaVinci's Resolve down but for DTP and photo editing the options seem to be far more limited. Personally I can get by with Corel's AfterShot for RAW pre-processing and GIMP, but I am not a professional. This is a catch 22 situation.
  5. Weren't Apple languishing at about 2% market share not so long ago? :-) Also this graph probably doesn't show Chromebooks but that would be yet another porting exercise! ** ducks and exits rapidly stage right **
  6. The issue isn't really the money it's the support burden Serif would incur by transporting the app to yet another UI toolkit. (I know money is all wrapped up in that as well.) If like Babel, which is now Corel's AfterShot, or GIMP Affinity's products had been written with a cross platform UI toolkit from the start then most likely there would be a Linux version as well. But I suspect they are currently supporting two UI / OS versions and the buy in from the top for another one or to port to a cross platform UI toolkit just isn't there.
  7. Serif has never been interested in Linux regardless of potential audience size. Like so many other products the scale of untangling the UI from the logic is probably just too big. When Corel bought the venerable old Bibble and turned it in to AfterShot it was already based on an open UI platform. No idea which one but delivering the cross platform executables is taken care of by simply compiling it on the different platforms against the same UI toolkit. I suspect if AfterShot even came close to appearing on Adobe's radar, or Serif for that matter. the idea of creating a Linux version wouldn't be feasible. Probably every platform's version would require maintaining independently, I suspect the maintenance of AfterShot is a lot easier.
  8. And therein lies the problem! I doubt Corel would offer a Linux version of AfterShot if Bibble wasn't already cross platform when it acquired it.
  9. I also would love to see Affinity or an equivalent on Linux. I've read quite a few messages on this forum and, not rising to the obvious trolls, WINE is not an option as it won't even run the installer. I'm currently creating an OS-X VirtualBox VM, as I have an OS-X license key, which may have more success. Has anyone tried Corel's AfterShot? They have native clients for OS-X, Linux and the other platform.
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