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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. Luckily, I already have Affinity Designer, which I thought I would use later. But, I used it today anyway. Now, I got what I wanted from Affinity Designr. Just hope AP on iPad would have as many tools and studioes as AP on PC, if not everything. Thank you.
  2. Thanks always for all the quick replies to my previous questions. And I have another one. I use a 6th-gen 9.7" iPad. Here goes my question: Can I change text strokes or outlines to stitches on an iPad version of AP? I've been trying to create an embroidery pattern and the problem arose when I tried to turn outlines of a text into a stitch formation - the text has no colour inside, or No Fill, only outlines by going to Pen Tool, checking No Fill and increasing Width. I've watched a number of tutorials on it and there are a couple of ways to do so. But they are all done on a PC version of Affinity Photo.
  3. Like always, there is a way to solve a problem. And you gave it to me. Thank you for the quick reply. I DO appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. Of course. DM1. This is the picture that I downloaded from Google to train myself for Defringing - you know, these days, with an iPhone, it's not that easy to intentionally take a picture with purple fringe. I've defringed a tiny part of it but the effect is still almost not that noticeable. And sometimes they go back to their originals. The first three were sequentially screen-captured. The first is the original, the second was captured right before I tab Develop as you can see that the head part of the animal is about to be defringed. The third is the one captured after I tabbed Develop; you can see the resulting head part still come with purple. The following three are from the process where I used Defringe in Filters. The end result came back with the purple fringe that has almost gone in the second picture.
  5. Hi to all. Eric from South Korea here. I use a 6th-gen 9.7" iPad and have some problems with Defringing. RAW, JPEG or PNG, on no matter which format, the Defringing filter just would't work on my iPad. I've toggled all the values up/down and still nothing happens in the final image. Another problem is that the filter seems to work pretty fine while I am controlling the toggles. But, once I stop controlling and tab Apply, the image goes back to the original. Even in Develop Persona, the same thing happens. Checked or unchecked, Chromatic Aberration doesn't work to have some effects. And Defringing does not seem to work either. It's always the same. While I am controlling the toggles, the Defringing seems to begins to take effect. But , in the end, even before I tab Apply, the image goes back to the original. Maybe, I am wrong. But, I'd very much appreciate it if someone can help me. Thank you.
  6. Thank you, stokerg, for the quick reply. The problem has been solved. And I know I must say that it was not Affinity Photo but I that had some sort of problems. As I said in the query section, my pictures didn't stitch no matter how many times I tried, even after I deleted AP and reinstalled it on my iPad. And I took pictures all over again, and it didn't work. Then, I thought that, maybe, my pictures were all wrong from the start. My understanding of "overlap" was that, for stitching, each picture was to have some parts in the areas, far-left or far-right, to stitch, which were the same objects or people and that was enough for me. But, that wasn't enough. Through a couple of more tries, I found out that, even AP does a very wonderful job, to stitch seamlessly, each area must have objects that look quite the same or at least similar. What I mean is that, when taking pictures for a panorama, just holding a camera still and moving my body slowly is not enough. I must take into account the fact that moving my body even slightly can create a different angle of an object and a distorted or crooked version of it, which didn't happen in the first photo and doesn't help pictures to stitch seamlessly. Thank you again for the quick reply and I respect all the works and efforts that you guys at the Serif make to make this great App even greater. Thank you. Eric from South Korea.
  7. Hello Moderators and all the users. I have a problem creating a New Panorama on my iPad. I'm using a 6th generation 9.7" iPad. And my problem is that, everytime I press "stitch" under the Images panel with some pictures added and shown in the panel, nothing happens in the Panoramas panel. I first thought that maybe my pictures added weren't appropriate for a panorama for some ratio issues. So, bearing that in my mind, I took some pictures again and I failed again to create a panorama. So, I deleted AP on my iPad and downloaded it again to see if it would work this time; when you have some problems with a certain app, you delete and download it again, and then it works, which is international, I believe. Anyway, on my first try with the new AP, thank God, it worked. I tried to match all the pictures horizontally and vertically with move tool, but with no satifying result. So, I decided to try again with the same pictures. But, even with the same pictures added, help me God, the same problem occurred. Nothing appears in the Panoramas panel all over again. I took more pictures in a number of different settings and tried a new panorama again. Nothing happens in the Panoramas panel. I understand there is a bug on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I've already experienced some. It's OK. AP is still my Number 1 app and the utmost recommendation to anyone interested in photo editing. Please, can someone tell me how to create a new Panorama or at least give me some news on updates regarding the bug issue?
  8. Thank you very much, ShiftEleven. This is just the information I've been looking for.
  9. I'm using a 6th generation 9.7-inch iPad. Does anyone know how to put minus Offset X / OffsetY value in the contextual bar of Affine filter?
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