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  1. Thanks! I think we use your word as a loanword in Hungarian, according to vinery. And we use “terroir”, and “buké” (bouquet) with different spelling, and barique, and may be more, but I am not a big wine expert. But the language of vinery is French! :-) Regards, Robert
  2. Thanks GabrielM, and All Currently I don’t have Mac here, only a dead PC with Win10 (this is why I just started to use this amazing app last week for this job) but I just realized I could work on Win too. I will try it soon. However, I had to finish this job for my client, because next week they have to label the bottles. fortunately they could choose from my exported rasterized images, and I had to remake only one version to continue working on it. Thanks for everybody for the help! With the logo 4 you fixed me from that small file, I could continue without the rest, because that were them selection. Thank guys! I attached the prototype on a bottle. Regards, Robert
  3. Thanks GabrielM, It works with a new normal file, but drops an error with that particular file. Attached video. Best regards, Robert 23E78A20-A6AB-4926-AB37-353AC28FB9A4.MP4
  4. ...what i am looking for is consist about 25-30 wine label artboards, like this
  5. Hi DM1 and GabrielM, Unfortunately i am new in this. Before this i worked on vectors with Inkscape. i dont understand its saving methodology. The project is in open status in Affinitiy designer, i can copy it there but can not close, because it crashes. If i copy it to a new one, the new project is empty. The original one freezes if i try to open it or close it. I found only one file in Files, but it has 1st march timestamp (i can not open it), but my work crashed on sunday night. So where does it store work in progress files? i attached that one, is it openable for you? Does it consist my label and logo designs? Cca 25 artboards. I am afraid it is just a copy from friday with just my early drafts. But if it is that, the program does not make automatic file savings from a project? Or what? Thank you! Best regards, RoB borcimke1.afdesign
  6. Designer iPad 12.1 (16B92) During a Wine label and logo design project I tried to resise one artboard. When set the height it accidentally jumped to about 90000000... height and could not modify then. App frozen and then closed itself. If I try to open, the app collapses again and again. I don’t have a copy which is usable (I am new in the app, didn’t know it before). If I make a duplication of the project that is the same, could not open. How can I reach my project, which is a 3 days design without any copy only in the app which is not usable. Best regards and please help to recover my file. Rober Nagy
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