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  1. I tried searching the forums but was unsure what keywords to use. "Notches" was the best I could come up with. AD file uploaded. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I've recently created a logo in Affinity Designer. Upon export to PNG/JPEG, there are strange notches that appear on two parts of a diamond shape that are not on the AD design and do not appear on PDF exports. They don't appear evenly on all sides of the diamond, just the inside of the upper left and lower right sides. The diamond is on a separate layer from the bird of paradise shapes. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks @Fantomasas! Knowing what I do about large printers (which isn't a ton except that I have the damnedest time getting the aquas and greens I want with CMYK) your explanation makes a lot of sense. I exported it as a .png and sent that as well; the boxes were gone but I got heavy pixelation in their place. I will try the Rasterize option during export but am wondering of this will affect image quality?? @NewInBoston, that's very interesting. The two main problem areas do contain grouped objects and the one text box that didn't seem to have an issue was not grouped. I'm wondering if ungrouping before export would remedy this?... Do you double the size to retain image quality when it's printed?
  4. Hello, New to these forums and am a novice AD user. I created a poster for an event and exported it as a PDF. The file looks okay on my screen and I didn't (knowingly) change any settings. When I sent it to the printer however, it came back with slightly different color boxes around the elements (text and placed .png images) that had transparent backgrounds. Like I said, I'm a novice user trying to learn as I go so I apologize if this is a rookie mistake. I searched the forums and didn't find an answer. I've attached the PDF as well as a photo of the end printed project. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Angela PGP MORPH POSTER TEST 2.pdf
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