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  1. Hi, PDF files exported from Onyx Boox reader appear blank. Did a test file. macOS Preview, browsers on Mac and PC, Foxit PDF viewer perfectly show the contents of this PDF. If I open it in AD 1.9.1 and in APhoto 1.9.1, both Mac and PC versions, the file has no content at all. not-empty.pdf
  2. To reproduce: close AD, launch the Color Management control panel (press the Start button, type 'color ma', it should appear in the list), switch to the Advanced tab, in the first options group (Windows Color System Defaults) select: Device profile: scRGB virtual device model profile, start AD Checked on two PCs with AD 1.8.2, 1.7.3, tried clean install, safe mode, etc. This is interesting: if you select the scRGB profile in Windows Settings (Settings - Display - Color profile), but not in the Color Management control panel (keep there 'Adobe RGB 1998' or 'sRGB IEC61966-2.1'
  3. Hi there is a workaround: in AD, assign hotkeys to View - Rotate Right, View - Rotate Left and Reset Rotation; then in Windows system settings (Wheel) create a new tool for the AD app with these hotkeys. Rotation is not that smooth as with the V tool, the step is about 15 degrees, but seems acceptable for me
  4. Hi, I think the problem is a bit more serious. Affinity Designer for Windows breaks (on my machine) folder syncing completely until reboot. These are the steps to reproduce: 1. Create a test folder in OneDrive. 2. Create a simple test file, like test.txt, write something inside, save it. The file syncs as usual. 3. Create a new file with AD, draw something, save it to the test folder. 4. At this point, on my device the sync of the test folder is broken. If I change the test.txt file it doesn't sync anymore, and any other file created by any program in this folder or co
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