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  1. THANK YOU! I think I have this figured out with your help. It's my settings.
  2. Hi, I used the slider to check the RGB color. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. After doing a design I printed it and the colors on the print were off a bit. I have 4 printers and tried all of them with the same results. I do logos and the colors need to be spot on so I uploaded the chart to check colors. I need to print in RGB because I use a sawgrass printed for sublimation. I have selected the RGB8 "color format" and SG400 for the "color profile" in the document setup. Will any of these setting change the color setting or just printing? Thanks for your help! Scott Basic_RGB_Color_Chart.zip
  3. So I downloaded a RGB Color chart to check how accurate the colors are in Affinity Designer. I did this because what I was seeing on the screen was not printing or exporting the same at all. When I used the eye dropper to check the colors they where not the same as the RGB chart. So I opened the same chart in two other programs and the colors where a perfect match with the RGB numbers (photo shop and flexi sign) Is there a setting that will correct the colors on the screen to look true to the RGB colors.