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  1. Not sure what i did but i got it working by deleting all paragraph styles and character styles and started over again. Still not sure exactly what went wrong but as WASP said there is a flaw in the system somewhere that affinity needs to look at as he was able to duplicate the problem, but not sure if affinity even reads these forums. Jim
  2. So I have been able to now get drop cap in a different font but the problem now is it is changing the entire first word to the font of the drop cap. PIC included. Not sure what the hell I am doing wrong.
  3. This should be so much easier than what it is but I cannot figure this dang thing out. How in the world do I make a paragraph style with a drop cap but I want the drop cap to be of a different font style. With InDesign, I would just make a paragraph style named drop cap then create a character style called drop cap one and then tell the paragraph style to use drop cap one for the font style for the drop cap. It was a very simple process. With this program I created a paragraph style and then a character style but even when I try and tell it to use the drop cap style it changes the whole paragraph to that font, not just the drop cap. I must be doing something wrong as it should be simpler than this. Thank you Jim
  4. Hello, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to paste from word to Affinity Publisher and keep the chosen format. As you can see from the images I have body Paragraph style chosen but as soon as I paste it, it changes to no style. Is there a way to go in and change the setting to keep a certain paragraph style when pasting from word. I know there was a thing where you could ctl/shift v I believe to keep format from word but I do not want to keep the same format. I want it to change to the premade format I designed with Affinity Publisher. Thank you Jim
  5. cool, thank you. I was sure there was a way to do it but without a real manual right now it kinda hit and miss. Jim
  6. When placing guides is there a way to type in the location where you want the guide. For instance, say you want the guide 3" from the top. Is there a way to type in 3.00 and the guide will go there. Thank you Jim
  7. I like the idea of doing it in both, one for real and one for practice to see how it works. I think with this project I will stick with indesignfor another go around and maybe cut the cord afterward. Jim
  8. Does anybody know a possible release date as I am going to be starting a major project in a few months and don't want to get started on it with InDesign as I don't think the two will be compatible? I would rather wait and get rid of InDesign and move on but time restraints may not allow it. Thank you
  9. Okay, I can work with it. I was just curious if I was doing something wrong or there was a way to change it. Jim
  10. Another quick question as I try to learn this new program. If I draw guides on master page B then I go to the regular pages it shows the guides on both pages. It's hard to explain but if the left page is set to "A" master and the right page is set to "B" master. The guides from the B page also shows on the A page. I included a picture and hopefully, I am not to confusing
  11. I understand what you're saying and do like the idea. I am going to try that and see what I think. Thank you for the advice Jim
  12. Yes, I know my box is not big enough and I understand the red eye. My main goal though with this screenshot was only to learn how to remove the space and ask about the master pages. Thank you Jim
  13. Quick update, figured out how to remove space between same paragraph styles but see nothing if the two paragraphs are different styles.
  14. hello, I went back and took a full screen shot and even with the text box selected it still does not show what master page is selected for which page unless you hover your mouse over the top of it. I searched through all the paragraph styles and did not see anywhere to remove the space between paragraphs. Sometimes I guess I need things explained to me like I am a 6 year old.
  15. Hello, I'm not sure if this can be done or is not implemented yet but it would be nice if the regular pages had a permanent A or B or C on each so you could see which master page they were tied to without having to hover your mouse over each page. Also, as you can see from the image I posted for some reason it is putting a space between each paragraph. I'm sure it is an easy fix I am just not smart enough to know where, or how to fix it.
  16. Hello. I am having a bit of confusion with the text flowing. When the writing fills the text box and I want it to flow to the next box do I have to draw a new text box each time. After some experimenting, I was able to get it to flow but it duplicated the size of the original text box. (Example. if the original box was only half a page all the other text boxes were half a page and I had to manually adjust each box.) Is there a way to tell it where to begin flowing on the next page. The reason I ask this is I format books and the chapter pages the writing always begins part way down the page but it then fills the next pages. I don't want to have to manually adjust each text box for a 500-page book. thank you Wickedly clever fantasy
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