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  1. Thanks Gabe, OK, so am I to understand that I cannot manually adjust the opacity of individual pixel layers / affects, while in the autostack function? Outside of the stack 'type' function that is? I've been trying to get 'around' this by bringing in each image separately to it's own pixel layer, then adjusting from there. It's working, but taking a long time. I'll have to figure out how to apply macro scripts to some of it for automation, but feel I'm still missing something. One of the biggest issues, is trying to add a new pixel layer of an image from a folder. Again, while doing this manually I have to align and size each image within the pixel layer. I have not been able to find an 'auto align layers' yet to apply to all pixel layers.
  2. I've been trying to utilize the stack function to blend 2 and 3 images together. I can adjust the live stack type to median for initial results. From here, I am trying to adjust the opacity level of individual pixel layers in the stack using the Opacity slider. As soon as I move from 100% to 99%, it changes from 100 to 0. There is no gradient change. Either it's on / visible or it's not. Is there something I'm missing in settings or image type that will not allow this to happen? I am trying to recreate an affect (tutorial done in lightroom & photoshop) to adjust the luminosity between 2 layers. From here, I am attempting to use the 3 layer for specific area only (window fill for an interior real estate shot) with a softer edge.