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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Peter and I have used Affinity since Octrober/December 2018. After last update to version, the programme shuts down immediately as I click at page no. 11 in my 16-page document. I have few different version of this document and the situation happens with each one of them. In earlier versions of Publisher such a phenomenon did not happen. Sometimes the programme used to shut down just because, but now I cannot edit my work. The fatal page includes photo frames, tables, page number and other elements, but it does not distinguish from the others. I use WIN10 on my DELL E6540 Latitude I will appreciate your help with solving this problem. I would like to mention that I really enjoy using Affinity Publisher. I think I will became your customer as the final release will be ready. Greeting from Poznan - Poland!!!
  2. Hi, thank you for your help. As you suggested, I have already installed the 249 build version. Unfortunately, the situation remains the same. Any other ideas what may I try to do? Kind regards Pete