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  1. I'm running Publisher v 1.7.1 on Mojave 10.14.5. Everything was working perfectly on Friday - but this morning my toolbar is missing. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is enabled. I tried "reseting" Publisher, but that didn't resolve the issue. Is there a preference or something that might need to be trashed?
  2. Thank you, Bruce! That fixed it. I run two external monitors at my M-F job, and one external at home. So, it never occurred to me that if it was showing up when I had one connected, that it wouldn't with two connected. I disconnected both monitors and there it was! I repositioned it just a bit, reconnected the external monitors, and I'm back in business. Again - thank you!
  3. In Publisher for Mac, is there a way to lock down the workspace? That is, I don't want the document to slide around my desktop when I my finger slides over the top of my mouse. See this very short video to see what I'm referring to.
  4. Many thanks. Maybe something to think about adding? Love the beta- looking forward to the release version.