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  1. Been using Affinity Designer for several weeks now and this has been an ongoing problem. When placing images or opening files, any 'floating' Studio panels remain in the foreground - obsuring the contents of the files/folders window. I have to repeatedly move around/hide the panels when placing images/opening files. Gets pretty irritating. Fix would be appreciated. Thanks. (using Affinity 1.6.5 Designer on Mac)
  2. Ok thanks for explaining. It's certainly making it difficult to get from from A > B (eg. clicking 'Place image' > selecting the actual image file) - not preventing it entirely.
  3. @GabrielM - Thanks for replying. How do you conclude it's a feature as opposed to a bug? I'm not 100% on the definitions you use, but certainly seems 'buggy' IMO - unusual behaviour that doesn't happen in other apps and affects usability. Thanks.
  4. Resurrecting this thread because I was just having a similar issue... Problem - I had 'move by whole pixel' enabled, yet the arrow keys nudged elements by unusual amounts (I think 1.4 pixels). Solution - In File > Document Setup I noticed the DPI was set to 192 DPI. Changed this to 72 DPI (as it's a website design) and elements now snap to whole pixels. The document started life as an Adobe Illustrator file, must have set the DPI as 192 DPI when I imported it into Affinity Designer. Hopefully this will help someone.