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  1. Hi Callum, Thanks for clarifying and agreeing to test it out. Here's a sample file.063A4694.CR3
  2. I have the Canon EOS R, and I know that it is not currently supported by the Serif raw engine on Affinity Photo Desktop. However, the EOS R is listed as supported by Apple Core Image Raw, so it works when the Apple Raw engine is selected. I want to know if the EOS R CR3 raw files work on Affinity Photo iPad with the SD-Lighting adapter, because I do not want to buy Affinity iPad and an SD-Lightning adapter until compatibility is finished. I know that the EOS R should be supported by Apple Core Image Raw on the iPad, but when I try AirDrop any CR3 files over, iOS does not recognize them as photos. If I try using older CR2 raw files, iOS recognizes them.