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  1. Let's see how you can set the grid to make an icon. A fairly common size for icons is 64 pixels versus 64 pixels. So in the same Grid and Axis Manager, you can go to the first Axis and set the Space to 64 pt. Then then under the second axis, we can also set the Space to 64 pt. So now each of our boxes is the right size for an icon and fits inside it. What we can also do is increase the amount of space between each of the grid cells. So increase Gutter to 24 pt for both axes. And now we can enter exactly one icon into each one of these small grid boxes. And we can also take even more help we work with the layout by increasing the number of Divisions. So we can make smaller grids in our grid. So let's say that we set each Division to 32. And now if we zoom in, we can see that we have several lines passing each of our grid cells further. So when we are trying to align all the different nodes and points in our icon, we can align for each one of these lines. And we can do the same thing horizontally, so we have several separate grids that are very good for each icon that we produce.

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