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  1. Barcodes are much more complicated than most people realise. Most online tools don't give any ability to control the barcode parameters to allow for methods of printing other than thermal. Esko software's plugin for illustrator allows bar width reduction to be applied to compensate for dot gain when printing by wet ink methods. Teacup software's plugin for indesign also has this ability. Both these plugins produce accurate vector barcodes. With regard to scaling, EAN, ITF, Code 39 , UTF and a few other types should be produced at the intended magnification and not scaled, these barcodes do not have a linier relationship between bar and space width, therefore scaling will affect the readability. It would be good addition to publisher to produce barcodes in-line without having to resort to 3rd party software. Perhaps looking at a plugin system would allow other developers like Esko to create these desired features.