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  1. you're right, but I thought there might be a way to achieve a good result by editing the picture. I had a really hard time photographing the watch because its so reflective . Anyway thank you for the tip with with the hole!
  2. Thank you so much, this is what I was looking for! Could you give me a brief step–by—step instruction, maybe which colours you used, the arrangement/order of the colours in the gradient? Here is an image of my watch without watchface (but with my fingers on it )
  3. Dear all, I am quite a newbie to photo editing and Affinity Photo. But after a Udemy Course and hours of searching tutorials, I got stuck on one topic :) The problem: I took a product photo of my watch for my online shop and have many reflections on the polished metal of the bezel. You can see fingers from me triggering the camera on the reflection of the bezel and also some spots on the bezel are overexposed, but nevertheless, I like this shot. My questions is: Is it possible to achieve a polished metal effect with any tool and retexture the bezel of my watch? I want to achieve a reflection as on the attached image. I am looking forward to your help!
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