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  1. I'm running AP 1.7.3 on MacOS Catalina. Its constantly crashing. Can't get any work done. I can see other posters here struggling. For me this is some background.... I'm editing images from C1 Pro. The file (mostly) opens in AP although not always. When it does arrive in AP, I duplicate a layer then apply the Freq Sep filter and boom. It's gone. I am going round and round with this. I have tried exporting PSD or TIFF from C1. Makes no difference. I also tried exporting a TIFF onto my desktop, then importing into AP - in case the round tripping was at fault. No good. still crashes. Anyone experiencing the same? Any bright ideas...help?
  2. Jason Holt

    iPad colour calibration

    Thanks Dan. I really appreciate your efforts. I’m certain there are lots of people in need of this functionality. Fingers crossed it makes the cut!!! Cheers.
  3. Jason Holt

    iPad colour calibration

    Xrite have an app called ColorTRUE but the profiles are not applied system wide - only in their app. i believe there is an SDK but it doesn’t seem like many, if any, app developers have picked it up and baked it in yet. Do you know of any? Obviously AP on iPad is my preference!!! Fingers crossed.
  4. Jason Holt

    iPad colour calibration

    Hi Dan. I’ve checked out your suggestion and it’s not really what I was getting at. on a desktop for example using an Xrite device, a series of known colours are presented on screen and measured with a hardware device. Once the difference between what is known and what is displayed can be calculated, a profile for that screen can be applied. I’m sure you know what I mean. i don’t know of a way to do that on iPad to ensure colour consistency across my devices . can you help?
  5. Jason Holt

    iPad colour calibration

    That’s great. Thanks Dan. I’ll take a look at that!
  6. Can anyone give me a steer on how to achieve good colour accuracy on iPad. I know many of us here will have a profiling device for laptops and desktops but I don’t know how to build that sort of colour consistency into an iPad workflow. I’ve read that iPad screens are calibrated quite well out of the factory but, there is a big difference between my iPad and laptop.
  7. Jason Holt

    HSL Picker Tool?

    Occasionally I need to pick a target a certain area within an image and reduce saturation. Is there a way to do that within AF on the Ipad like you can using and HSL adjustment layer on the desktop? Thanks in advance.
  8. Is there a way to view several images side by side in AF on Ipad? Appreciate any thoughts/workarounds on this topic. Thanks.

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