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  1. Wow that is weird. thanks DM, at first it wasn’t working with mine when i followed your step. but I think I’ve accidentally fixed it when I colorpicked the white then black. it’s now working even with the wet edges turned on. I hope the devs could look into this bug?
  2. Hi, thanks for actively helping me out. and i don’t mind uploading it here. Please see the attached file. error.afphoto
  3. I've tried changing it as well and it ain't working. Remember when we switch files the brush setting retains? I've tried it on other files and even changed colors amd it's working. What's funny is even if i go back to the history even before the group happens, the brush no longer works for this file.
  4. Hello, I’m new in Affinity. I seem to be having a problem with the paint brush tool. here are the steps I did before the brush stopped working. 1. Draw some stuff 2. Grouped my sketches 3. Changed opacity of the group 4. Created a new pixel layer 5. Brush stopped working for this file I find it odd that the brush is not working only on this file. I’m using an ipad 2018.