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  1. Glad this has been forwarded to the developers, as last time I raised this I was told it was by design.
  2. It doesn't take a lot to be able to see the issue. Here's a rectangle with a linear gradient, rasterized, then adjusted for contrast. I understand why this might be desirable for those using AD for print or web design, but for those of us who want some control over how our work is exported it's a massive pain.
  3. So you're saying it's not going to be fixed because the developers don't consider it an issue, despite a section of the user base saying it's a problem for their workflow? Well, I guess I won't be using Affinity Designer for future projects or recommending the product to others.
  4. Thanks owenr, that does that trick. Hopefully they'll either not fix that bug, or fix the bug that bug is fixing.
  5. I'm currently taking the plunge and switching to Affinity Designer from Fireworks for creating graphics for my games. Currently the biggest issue for me is the inability to disable dithering when exporting to a PNG, specifically around gradients, regardless of whether the "Dither gradients" setting is turned off in the Performance tab of Preferences. The reason this is needed is that I create a lot of 9-slice graphics, sections of which are resized on screen in the game to create things like variable sized buttons. If I use a gradient for these graphics, I end up with lots of ugly little lines all over the final result due to the dithering on the exported image. Unfortunately, I discovered this much too late and have already spent a lot of time redrawing all the graphics for my current game in AD. Please can you give me an idea of if/when this will be fixed so that all this work doesn't go to waste? There are many situations where you'd want to disable dithering, so this seems like a strange omission, especially as you can already disable it within the app itself.
  6. I did give the gamma and anti-aliasing ramp controls a go and couldn't find a combination of settings that did what I wanted. I'll keep an eye on developments and see if it improves though.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply MEB. :) I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with and I'll give the beta a try in the meantime.
  8. First let me say that I'm really impressed with the progress so far on Affinity Designer. As a long-time user of the now-abandoned Fireworks in conjunction with Illustrator I'm really excited to move over to using this single application once the feature set is close to what I currently need. The only things really missing for me currently are a good contour tool (expand / shrink a shape by a given amount) and animation (which I realise probably isn't on the cards, but I can dream). The bug I'm highlighting here is by no means unique to Designer, as pretty much every vector-based tool which can export to bitmaps suffers the same problem. However, given the awesome and precise implementation of things like gradients you've implemented so far I'm hoping that you can find a solution to this too. The issue appears when angular (i.e. not at multiples of 90 degrees) edges of two adjacent vector shapes touch and the result is rendered in pixel view or exported to a bitmap. This is best illustrated by the attached images, one showing the outline view of capsule shapes composed of a rectangle and two half-circles and the other of the pixel output. When the edges fall exactly on pixel borders the result is a solid shape. When the edges fall inside a given pixel, that pixel is rendered partially transparent. I realise this isn't a showstopper for most people, but I use tools like Fireworks and Designer to create bitmap graphics for retro-styled games where simple shapes are rendered with chunky pixels, and therefore precision like this is really important to me. In the past when I've come up against this I've had to manually edit the images after export to fix the issue. I'd love not to have to do this though. :)
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