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  1. Thanks! It worked on AI but still doesn't on PSD which is super weird because they're just simple shapes. Is there a way for me to do it in PSD? I used these settings and it still didn't work: PSD Preserve editability Compatibility mode: OFF Primarily I need it to work on PSD. Do you think there's something I did wrong in the file that caused it to not read as working vector layers?
  2. Hi, Is it possible to export strokes as a working path to PSD? This is using the basic vector brush. I need them as working paths so I can export to another designer for further animations etc. I've tried exporting it with these settings: PSD Preserve editability Compatibility mode: OFF Attaching a simple test I did to try this out (didn't work for me). Hope someone can help me because this would be crucial to my workflow. Thanks! curve.afdesign
  3. Hi, For some reason, the shapes I made are not exporting as vectors on PSD, XD, and PDF. Not sure what went wrong. Can you help me take a look? I tried to do the same thing with a single rectangle and it worked perfectly. But this file I'm attaching doesn't reflect it at all. What did I do wrong? circles-asset.afdesign
  4. Hi, Sorry for the late reply - just saw this message. Attaching my Affinity Designer file here. Thanks! P/S great photo LOL IT Crowd tree.afdesign
  5. I'm trying to draw this tree (PSD attached) and you can see that the branches and dark grey area are clipped into the orange layer. I used a vector brush stroke to create the branches and after I export them to Photoshop, they're rasterized. Is it because of the masking or is it because it's a stroke? Also, not sure why the dark grey area rasterized as well. Are there other ways I could have done this differently? Sorry if it's not my best description - I'm just confused. Untitled (1).psd
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