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  1. Hi All: hope this is the right spot, just feeling motivation to throw my hat in the ring on future requests. I'm a home user, for personal projects with some use of personal equipment for work purposes - particularly for highlighting/illustrating screen grabs of architectural drawings. I was, in a former life, a landscape designer (11 years) and did some freelance graphic design as well - in CorelDraw and Illustrator/InDesign. I only mention that because I've been dabbling in Vector and Raster Graphics for over 20 years. I purchased Designer and Photo almost a year ago, and do love both of them FOR THEIR PRICE and features (some of which are really unique and awesome). However, I'm very near ready to shift away if two things are not implemented at some point, fairly soon: Offset tool (by a set amount of distance) - this is not in the roadmap on this post, but is very specifically mentioned by Affinity Staff in other posts going back to 2015 as "coming" Line ends such as arrowheads. The work arounds I find on-line for both of the above are ridiculous in steps and effort, particularly arrowheads - seriously, does nobody have a use for arrowheads on the end of a line anymore? Or another symbol? This is a feature I had in CorelDraw version 8 in 1996 (my first graphic program purchase). It's on the roadmap from this post in August 2014. And yet still no line ends... for what I use Designer for, this is a huge issue for me. I don't know how much longer I can wait, even with all the other great features built into it. Maybe I'll just come back in a few years and see where things are at. I don't follow the beta program, so maybe these things are coming...