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  1. Hi Lee, thanks for getting back with me. I found the solution for the text issue. By default, under Preferences/General the "import .psd test as text instead of bitmap" is de-checked. You must go in and check this box. A consideration might be to have this checked by default to avoid troubleshooting and some possible confusion. Just my personal opinion but I would think most would want the highest possible output text by default when producing documents. As far as the no rasterization issue, Im guessing that affinity must not convert clipping mask as an editable action but only as an output wh
  2. I have a .psd created in photoshop elements. It opens ok in Affinity photo. I am having trouble getting the exported pdf to show text as a vector (with zero pixelation when zoomed in). Can you please tell me what settings I should use during export to make sure text has zero pixelation when zoomed in? When I export the same .psd using photoshop elements, the resulting .pdf renders the text as a vector so I know its not a problem with my design setup. Also my print company recommends pdf/x-4 as the output profile but that preset in affinity photo produces a text with pixelated edges. The only c
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