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  1. Oh actually that was exactly was I was searching for so Outline Stroke from Adobe is the same or similar Expand Stroke in AD Thanks!
  2. I kinda was wondering if there was a way to do this I kinda did this example by tracing by hand hand so they aren't purfect but close to what I'm looking for
  3. Yeah i could puts strokes on top of strokes but wanted to if I could have the outline become a shape I guess one reason to do this is I could take a line or a curve that isn't really "closed" and turn it into a shape that is "closed" But i'm not sure if it is possible to do similar to how Ai can do it
  4. I guess to be more specific I kinda want to do what is shown in step nine on this page https://m.wikihow.com/Create-an-Outline-in-Adobe-Illustrator. Don’t know if it’s possible in Affinity as yet. @GarryP this is close to what I want but I didn’t want to make a pixel layer. I wanted the outline to be a vector shape so it can still be edited. @R C-R I don’t suppose I can take the outline of an fx and turn it into an editable curve right?
  5. Hey, is it possible to outline the stroke of a path or curve in Affinity Photo? for example could I take this random curve with varying stroke size and get a shape from the outline? Thanks Edit: I meant designer instead of photo sorry
  6. Thanks for answering! I kinda want to bind flipping to a keystroke so I can map those keys to a tablet button would you know if Affinity Photo can flip it's entire canvas (don't have photo yet but may try it sometime)?
  7. So I was wondering whether it was possible to flip the entire canvas. I found this post which only says how to flip a layer instead of a canvas… …but what about the entire canvas?
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