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  1. ckaragiannis

    Repeatedly Crashing and Freezing

    I bought this app shortly after Purchasing my iPad Pro 10.5 (upon release in 2017), a newer device than shown in the tutorials. It has never done anything but freeze and crash. I can’t even crop an image without it hanging to the point where it’s completely unusable. The speed demonstrated in the tutorials is no less than 30 times faster what I have experienced since day 1. I’ve done clean installs of iOS, of the app, forget it. I posted on this forum a while ago, no response to my knowledge. Most angry I have ever been with using tech is attempting any simple edit with this app...for nearly 2 years. Any support? Nah just a forum. Poor.
  2. I'm also having this issue on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch model. I have ample storage. I've owned this app for a long time and never use it - edits are so slow to render that the app is completely unuseable (I'd estimate 5-30 times longer than examples in the video tutorials) and frequent crashes lead to lost work. I'm only working with jpegs, too. I've no idea what to do.