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  1. Hi Dominik, Thank you for your reply. I wouldn't want to limit the possibilities but add to them. If Publisher had such a library built-in then I would definitely want to browse through and customise the layouts, try adding my own colour schemes and content etc. Best Regards, Steve
  2. Hi Garry, Well, at least I now know that Publisher doesn't have such a built-in library which is a great pity. Hopefully, someone knows of something. All the best, Steve
  3. Hi Garry, Thank you for your reply. I can't really be specific because I'm looking for new ideas, I'll only know when I see something. I'm only interested in layouts which I can adapt for the web in HTML/CSS. I realise there are better tools for website mockups but wouldn't mind if I could get ideas from a tool's templates if it had them. Thank you once again. Steve
  4. Hello, I am thinking to learn how to use Affinity Publisher, the main reason is to create layouts for sections of web pages. That could be hero images with text and buttons, card layouts, etc. Also perhaps business cards. I'm wondering if Publisher has a library of layout templates that I could browse, select and adapt? This could also be for inspiration. I've googled this but didn't find too much so I'm guessing it doesn't but I am hoping I'm wrong :-) Many Thanks Steve
  5. Hello LibreTraining, Thank you for your reply and the video link. I was really looking for something more in-depth overview but it seems that none exists. Steve
  6. Hello, I received an email from Serif about Affinity Publisher, I would just like to get an overview of what it can do. I followed the links to some video tutorials: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/learn-how-to-use-affinity-publisher-fast/?utm_source=SpotlightEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter But the first video goes straight into the UI. Is there a video somewhere that introduces Publisher and its capabilities? I've googled it as well obviously, didn't see anything that was any good. Best Regards, Steve
  7. Yes, that works perfectly once I realised existing shapes need to be set manually, as explained in the documentation. I'll know where to look next time. Thank you once again. All the best Steve
  8. Hi Alfred, Thank you for your reply. I'll take a look. Steve
  9. Hello, I've created a colour palette and plan to have a lot of layers having the fill colours from the palette. Is there any way to change all shapes with a given fill colour when changing that colour in the palette? I'm using both Designer and Photo by the way. Best Regards, Steve
  10. Hello, I'm new to Affinity Designer, I was hoping it would be possible to output certain settings (colours, fonts, font sizes etc.) into a CSS file when exporting as SVG but after reading the above I guess it isn't. Can I please ask if there are any plans to add such a feature? Best Regards, Steve
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