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  1. Vektor

    Expand Contour failed

    Thank you for your answer, the stroke is 3pt. But I will scale the file, thank you.
  2. Vektor

    Expand Contour failed

    Thank you for responding, but its the same, aligning at the edge, middle or inside. If I had a bigger file in pixel, I have no problems.
  3. Vektor

    Expand Contour failed

    Hi, I have one problem, I have to create Icons 64 px high and wide. This ist the size of the artboard. I need at least not a contour, only a form. So I try expand contour, but it really dont work, there is no magnatical alignment marked.
  4. I had one wish for placing vectorgraphis in publisher, there is an option "export to pdf": convert the vector pictures in a pixelbased image with a resolution to choose. For Print it was comfortable to send vectors, but otherwise customers have the full designed file size with all vectors.