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  1. Great. Thanks. That did it. And I will also try the beta. Much appreciated. David
  2. Hi. I am delighted with Affinity Photos Batch job capability. It's simple and sensible and easy to use. However, (big however!) I can only batch process 7 images at a time. This is just converting PNGs to JPEGs, nothing fancy, not big files. If I load 7 images it works fine. If I load 8 (or, as I wanted to do, 30), Photo goes into the endless spin. Also there is no way I found to abort the job. I had to Force Quit Photo in order to stop the cycle. I gave it plenty of time so it wasn't just my impatience. It just could not deal with more than 7 photos at a time. I looked in vain for a way to cancel the job. This may be just that I couldn't find it. I'm on a MacBook Pro mid 2015 with 16GB of RAM, running OS 10.14.3. I hope it's just something I'm missing and that someone can put me straight on this.