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  1. Thank's John, The only rub is that affinity won't accept the scans that I've been able to load into the left (images) window... When I click the " Stitch Panorama" button, the pinwheel spins a few seconds, then a pop-up says "no panoramas found". grrrrr.... Somethings missing, it's frustrating. Reinhold
  2. Ugh, scanning negatives means they'e got to be flat on the 8x10" scanner table. Scrabbling around with a negative that's twice as long as the scanner, all the while avoiding scratches and fingerprints makes excessive overlapping an impractical solution. I currently "place" the scans onto Canvas Draw (a swiss army knife graphics program). I jockey the two scans into alignment, then export the results as a .jpg file. The only gripe is that data gets lost with each transfer and file swap. I'm hoping that Affinity Photo is truly "one stop shopping", just let me get two images onto one large 8x20" canvas so I can do the aligning... I tried it last night, (copy & paste) but Affinity won't let me do fine control image placement on the canvas. Reinhold
  3. I've tried three different images of mixed contrast and shapes. They are B&W scans of 8x20" negatives, done in two passes on an Epson V700 scanner. one pass is erect, the second pass is flipped around to fit the scan area. They overlap about 1/4". File sizes are about 20~30 MB. I flip each half for right/left up/down orientation before trying to combine them. I've tried converting them to .tiff to see if image format makes a difference...nope... Any preferences and/or settings that are needed??? Thanks Reinhold
  4. I’m using AffinityPhoto 1.6.7 on Mac Pro OS 10.11.6… Cant’t successfully stitch panorama .jpg 20~30 MB photos. ( I keep getting “no panoramas found” ) What am I doing wrong? Thanks Reinhold