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  1. I run windows 10 / 8gb ram / intel i5-6200 processor. Not great or fast but it seems to work for my needs right now. I will try clearing the user data to see if that works with lag and error issues. I still don't understand why the tool I am using reverts to the eraser tool after using the program for any length of time?
  2. Why is it the more I use affinity photo the more problems/errors I have with it? It seems if I use photo everyday for a few hours, after three months I began to get issues, the program starts to become slow and lag. After photo is opened for less than an hour, whatever tool I am using, the tool reverts to the erase tool. Crash reports are never saved to the folder Crashreports. Every three months it seems I have to re-install the program for it the work again.
  3. Would there be any benefit to adding the availability of allowing .icc profiles or LUTs to be applied in the develop persona? From what I understand is Capture one allows users to apply an .icc profile in raw developing which works as a work around for those Fujifilm users to simulate Fuji's film simulations of fuji cameras not supported.
  4. Is there anyway to change the grid size in the curves adjustment window?
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