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  1. Yes, install worked fine. Parallel got a file download link from mail support as well, thanks to them. Assume download from the vessel via very slow VSAT just did not work due to timeouts during all these TLS handshakes MS performs? Anyways, I'm set now, AffD is working and serial entered. Thanks again, Gerhard
  2. Wow Gabe, this is really hands-on help, much appreciated. Support just told me I need the update (something I read in the FAQs here as well). The problem just was, that all my download attempts failed so far: - from my (old) Win 7 SP1 Dell PC with IE 8 - from a new Win 7 Pro SP1 Dell PC with IE11 (to exclude old IE is problematic) - from my new Win 10 Pro Surface Book 2 laptop - on all plattforms I tried "normal" and "manual" downloads In all cases, the browser refuses the download with an alert of "insecure browser connection" or similar wording. Maybe due to my low bandwith offshore web connection. Or some weird Microsoft "we don't want you to download this anymore and get Win 10 instead" policy. Anyways, I asked support to provide the file just a few minutes ago - and then your mail popped up with exactly this file. Great! How and when did you get it? Will install and report, Gerhard
  3. Hi there, after not having luck with direct Affinity mail support regarding above problem (was just told to deal with MS support instead), I try the forum. My issue is, that Affinity Designer, immediately after program start, shows an error message with this content: "A platform update is required for Windows 7 SP1. Please see the following web page for more information: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/2670838" The story before this: I aimed to install Affinity Designer on a Win 7 SP1 64bit PC, located on an offshore exploration vessel. Usually the PC is not connected to the internet, so the system might be lacking some updates meanwhile, but this has never been an issue during other work. Anyways, .NET is an important requisit for Affinity. .NET 3.5 was installed, but the Affinity installer was not happy with it. It complained about a certificate chain error: "A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority." Support told me, that once I get .NET 4.6.2 installed, Affinity installer would be happy. And that installation will not require me to be online (special ship situation). I managed to manually load a MS certificate that allowed installing .NET 4.6.2 without issues. I then was able to install Affinity Designer, also without issues. Just that now, on program start, it asks for KB2670838. I tried to download and install it. However, even from the official MS download page I cannot download it due to "insecure connection"! Seems like I'm trapped? Anyone with same experience AND a solution? Need to add, that I'm at sea with the PC. Simply adding all Windows updates to bring the system to latest status might be impossible, since we just have a very slow satellite connection. Windows even refuses to search for updates... Looking forward & thanks, Gerhard
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