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  1. ... or as useful as Lightroom still is. Both have their advantages. My dream is to have best of both worlds in one application and with network-abillity.
  2. And it´s going on: In this case I have to digitalize several negatives for a customer. Because exporting Tiffs out of C1and editing them in AP doesn´t work right now (see above), I did it directly. I opened the raw-files (scans of negatives with D800e) in AP 1.6, edited them and exported as AP-file with layers and as grayscale-Tiff 8bit. But even AP has problems with it´s own from origin-raw generated tiff-files! They will be opened in AP like above, no profile will be recognized, so the RGB-profile will be assigned. But the file still remains as grayscale file (?)! Opening these tif
  3. Horrible news in the morning :-( One thing is better: The scanned Tiff with Nikon Coolscan and SilverFast8.8 now will be opened correctly. BUT: Opening the CaptureOne exported TIFF from the D800E AP1.7Beta still assignes the RGB-working-profile and shows a file much too bright an meanwhile fully magenta. Opening the new CaptureOne exported TIFF from an OM-D E M1 MKII AP1.7Beta also assignes the RGB-working-profile and shows a file much too bright an a colorful chaos. The new OMD-File and a screenshot is attached. GoodMorningGreetings mikelike AP_Test_OMD_C1_
  4. OK, I will check this case with the 1.7 Beta tomorrow. I will tell you! Mikelike
  5. Nothing happened. In my case with the too bright opened and in RGB converted file, I can check the box for profiles, but can only choose all RGB profiles in my system an only one wrong Grayscale-Profile (Epson Standard 1.8). At this point I can set how the files will be developed for further processing in the photo-persona but NOT how AP opens 16bit-Tiff-b&w-file correctly mikelike
  6. Hi! I digitalized the original 35mm-b&w-negative with a Nikon D800e, tethered with CaptureOne. Because of the hint of walt.farell about VueScan I tested scanning a slide with a Nikon Coolscan 8000 in b&w-mode and the scan-applications NikonScan4 and Silverfast 8.8. The results: D800 file, developed in C1, exported as sRGB-JPEG, opening in Afinity Photo (AP) is ok. D800 file, developed in C1, exported as Gamma 2.2-JPEG, opening in AP is ok. D800 file, developed in C1, exported as Gamma2.2-16bit-Tiff, opening in Photoshop is ok.
  7. Hello! First to introduce me: I´m a professional photographer for 35 years, with experience in many cases of professional photography, developing b&w, color negative, color positive processes, digital photography from its beginning, colormanagement. Meanwhile I work in a public photo archive with 100.000´s of photos from historical until now. About 90% are b&w photos. Digitalization of these photos and managing them in a DAM is my main work here. Right now I try to get a workflow with applications out of Adobe. But there seems to be a bug on the interface between Capt
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