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  1. I also have this problem when I use artbords bigger then about 2500x2000. Other pixel drawing apps can handle this resolution.
  2. Hi I'm sure the pixel persona shouldn't be lagging this much on a 12,9" iPad Pro?? Drawing on a 3500x2600 big artboard. VID_20190701_132931.mp4
  3. Hi I need to see which brush was used on an already drawn object. Is it not possible?
  4. Thank you! I was looking for a way to adjust the sensitivity to the pen. not to simplify strokes as much as it do.
  5. Why do I suddenly get this dragging handle when I'm drawing with the brush?
  6. Okey then it is because I'm using a textured brush. I guess it is better to draw with a solid brush and then transform it to a textured. affinity2.mp4
  7. Hello! thanks for the response! It seems like it's related to the cap on the line. I'm not to so satisfied how the line behaves in general. it's glitchy and a bit wobbly.. affinity.mp4
  8. Why is there a line in front of the apple pen edge? it makes it useless to draw with. It's no difference what pen style I use. thanks for help VID_20190206_214957.mp4
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