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  1. I'm using a D7200. Just tried the Beta version an it definitely seems quicker. Tried the same image in the version I purchased and it seems to build the image up in blocks, yet the Beta version is straight open.
  2. Thanks for this, I downloaded the trial version and it does look good.
  3. Any recommendations for a Mac based PDF reader/editor. The one thing I've found missing on the ones I've tried is a way to view colour separations.
  4. I've only been using the Photo app for about 3 days now, I tried editing a Nikon RAW file to see how it performed. I noticed as soon as I opened the file the fan on the computer fired up. I can only assume this is due to some heavy processing going on, yet I've never had this when editing RAW in photoshop. Anyone else noticed this? I'm working on an iMac 4Ghz i7 with 16GB RAM.
  5. Thanks for that, I'm so happy. One in the eye for Illustrator.
  6. Something I always felt was lacking in Illustrator was the ability to rotate a page, not just the artwork but the whole page whilst working on it. I've worked on Esko Packedge and this had the ability to do this by rotating the page in 90 degree increments. The Esko software is considerably more expensive but would still love to see this ability in Affinity Designer.
  7. Hi all, new to this forum and Affinity products so apologies if this has been asked already. I was wondering if there are any intentions to create an application that can handle and edit PDF's along the lines that Adobe Acrobat can.
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