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    colour distortion

    Graphic App I compared by exporting to Graphic app my af. file on iPad and also from exporting as pdf my graphic file to affinity where it loses the colour. if i export same file to Adobe illustrator it has good colour. Also screenshot both as in the original pic I sent. Graphic Colour Test.pdf test af file.afdesign
  2. Sue Stitt

    colour distortion

    As i haven't worked out Designer quite well enough yet I often put them in Illustrator on PC ( which wants to export as a AutocadDrawing(DWG)) or back in to ipad apps cropped version1.afdesign
  3. Sue Stitt

    colour distortion

    RGB 8 Adobe RGB(1998)
  4. Sue Stitt

    colour distortion

    My setup is a ipad pro, PC and intuos Pro. I have been experimenting with Affinity Designer with intuos Pro on PC - Old method iPad pro and another (crashing) App - but great colour The problem is the on screen colour on Affinity Designer is far paler and I don't really understand the settings enough to alter them - or even if I should i export from iPad PDF dropbox and visa versa