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  1. Hi there I am trying to copy text between documents but everytime it seems to re-scale it and comes out a different font size. Can anyone explain why this is ? The reason I need to do this is I am making sewing patterns and want to make a 'master template' text box with the pattern information that I can then copy and paste into each document and ensure the formatting is the same across them all. Clearly this is currently doing the opposite of what I need! Any help greatly appreciated Many thanks
  2. My Affinity designer document has suddenly turned everything to outlines! Nothing seems to happen as much as I press undo and it's taken all the colours, strokes and fills out of my work and I need ot send it off tonight! I'm sure it's something simple I've clicked by accident but I can't for the life of me figure it out! please help! Thanks - screenshot attached
  3. ok thanks for clarifying @GabrielM - do you know if there are any plans to include this in future? Or might this be a function in Affinity Publisher?
  4. Thanks @gdenby - yes we use a specialist pattern drafting software to make the patterns and it has an automated function to tile itself into different paper sizes. The problem is sometimes we do not like the way it tiles! Also we need sometimes to make slight changes to the original pattern and add text labels and extra information to pages which we do in Affinity, but it is hard to see where we are putting things when it is all already split up and we have to repeat ourselves over 3 different documents which leaves a lot of room for human error! Ideally we would be able to open/import the whole pattern with all it's pieces in Affinity, do any fiddling we need to create a 'master', and then split it into the different page sizes...
  5. Thanks @GabrielM - I haven't quite got my head around slicing yet! But I will give this a try. I guess the issue would then be if I have to also manually enter all the page codes and registration markers? Is there any way I could at least part automate that process?
  6. Hello there! I am using Affinity Designer to make dressmaking patterns and trying to figure out a way to tile them onto different page sizes (US Letter, A4 and A0). Can anyone help with this? I've attached an example of what I mean... The same pattern at the same scale prints out over different paper sizes I've tried searching the forums but to no avail yet. Thanks in advance. LPT HELICOPTER TOP & TROUSERS A0 Alice & Co PATTERNS.pdf HELICOPTER TOP & TROUSERS A4 COPYRIGHT Alice & Co PATTERNS.pdf
  7. Hi ! I am working in Affinity Designer and have a similar issue. I am producing dressmaking patterns which I want to tile to different paper sizes (US Letter and A4) - with registration marks to stick them all back together again. I can't seem to find an option for method for this in Affinity Designer - perhaps Publisher will be the answer? Would love to know if anyone can help point me in the right direction! Thanks! LPT