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    Photo crashes when dragging photo images

    Hi Gabe, thanks to your excellent description of what happens in the background I am now able to manage my files. I dropped adobe lightroom and photoshop about 2 weeks ago send with my history in IT I like to know what is happening in the background. Your narrative was extremely useful and much appreciated. I am excited about the possibilities with affinity. fyi - I am in Queenstown New Zealand, enjoying a long hot summer and getting to know the photos app all over again with affinity and my new IPad Pro. Doesn’t get any better than this matthew
  2. Matthew hawke

    Photo crashes when dragging photo images

    Thanks Gabe, tried it with 18 images at a time and works, but that’s the limit. Thanks for your help. Another question if you don’t mind. I have a project on the iPad that I copied the files into. I have set affinity to use iCloud as the place to save files. Where are the images I have sitting in the Affinity app that I have yet to work on? Am I able to access them via affinity photo on my Mac? I can’t see a project folder or the images in iCloud.Do I need to have opened each image individually and save as a affinity file first, that would be a pain? thanks matthew
  3. Hi everyone, ‘’I am using an IPad Pro 2018 12.9. I have the latest version of iOS and photo. I have created a project in photo and opened the photos app on top of it. I then select all images from an album and drag them to the project on photo. They are all raw files from an xt1 and I select 66 files. I have tried multiple times and the most it has copied is about 30 before photo crashes. I have restarted the iPad and don’t have any other apps open and none running in the background but still the same issue. Any ideas. thanks matthew

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