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  1. Hi, first time poster and new user here (migrating from Adobe and their subscription culture) so understand how that may color my impressions. So as someone who mostly works with vectors I found the persona feature of Designer to be incredibly fluid to use as well as an amazing feature. After launching the beta for Publisher I noticed how the icons for the personas were different, featuring the color scheme and logos of Designer and Photo. This is a great change in my opinion, one that should be carried over to Designer. It's easy to use, clear visual language that conveys what the icon does without guess work as well as supporting the idea that Affinity isn't just isolated programs but instead an ecosystem for visual arts. My only suggestion would to be to increase the vibrancy of the colors. I assume it would happen once you enter a specific persona, but after long hours looking at a screen it can be kind of hard to see the difference immediately and a vibrancy increase would really help there.