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  1. Hi v_kyr, wow, this was a real detailed answer, Now I feel confirmed regarding my thoughts. My conclusion is to get an image browser first for judging the pics which are worth for working on it. But I also learned, that more memory is definitely helpful by working with huge raw files and that there are no technical limits regarding affinity, when opening more than 6 raws parallel. But you are absolutely right, there‘s no doubt about getting a pic browser first. So thanks a lot and have a good night. Stefan
  2. Thanks to catlover and v_kyr. That‘s what I guessed. Both (iMac and MacBook) are running out of memory (RAM).If so, than it would help to have more than 8GB of memory. But the question for me is, whether there is a hard boundry or limit for opening not more than 6 pics parallel? Doe anybody know more about it? Maybe this is only a limitation of Affinity on Apple?!?! Thanks for further help. Good night to you Stefan
  3. Hi there, I am absolutely new here and hopefully you are not bored hearing my concerns. My wife‘s got a Macbook Pro 13“, 8GB, SSD, i5, early 2015 and workes with latest version of affinity. When loading more than 7 RAW files, nothing goes on and system hangs up. Due to the fact, that this MacBook is proberly not one of the most perfomance, she bouht an iMac Retina 5K, 27“, i5 3,5GHz, 8GB RAM an 1TB Fusion Drive, late 2017. First perception: Loading pics in RAW is about twice as fast as the MacBook when loading between 1 and 6 pics (5 pics: 20seconds vs 40 seconds). But the disappointment follows immediately: When loading more than 6 pics (i.e. 10 or 14), than the iMac also hangs up. That seems to be the same on MacBook and iMac. So, what is going on? Do we need more RAM, i.e additional 32GB? Need your advice !! I don‘t think, that a much more performance machine would help, i.e i7 am 64GB mit 1TB SSD. That would be the most performance iMac. To pre-answer your questions, why she needs so many pics parallel at the same time: she wants to use it as a picture browser to choose, which of the pics is worth to work on. I think, there must be another way to do so. Is there a picture browser embedded to affinity? So, hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. Stefan
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