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  1. I'm using Affinity Beta on a Mac with OS 10.9.5 and I'm impressed with it but when I tried to import text from a file the command "Importing Text from File" doesn't appear in the Text drop-down menu. I finally gave up looking after searching and using the Help menu and did a simple Copy/Paste but something must be missing. Suggestions? Frank B
  2. Frank Bettendorf

    [Duplicate] Text

    I'm using a Mac OS 10.9.5 but couldn't import text because in the Text Column the choice Import Text from File doesn't exist. I had to do a Copy/Paste to bring in text from another document. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Frank B
  3. Frank Bettendorf

    Importing Text from Files

    I'm trying Affinity Publisher Beta on a Mac using OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and the Import Text from File is not in the Text drop down menu so I can't import text from other documents. I tried using File Place with the cursor in the Text Box but all my documents were "greyed" and clicking on them doesn't work. The Help files from Affinity say to use Import Text from Files in the Text drop down menu so I looked at other drop down menus but the command just doesn't exist. Suggestions? Thanks. Frank
  4. Frank Bettendorf

    [Duplicate] Text

    I followed Will's suggestion and tried using the File Place command and that doesn't work. When I opened my folder of text documents they appeared grey instead of black and I tried clicking on the document and it wouldn't respond. Other suggestions? Thanks. Frank
  5. Frank Bettendorf

    [Duplicate] Text

    I posted elsewhere but here it is again. I'm using Affinity Beta on a Mac running OS 10.9.5. I tried to import text but when I used the recommended "Help" suggestion I found that the command "Import Text from File" does not exist in the Text drop down menu. Looked elsewhere on other menus and found nothing. Same when I looked under Help. Suggestions? Thanks, Frank B

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