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  1. Thanks, @emmrecs01, for the advice, and thanks, @Callum: you were right, it was the driver. It was not possible to uninstall it as Jeff suggested, uninstall always resulted in BSOD. To whom it may concern: The culprit was the app Duet Display. Once I uninstalled it, I was able to update the GPU driver and everything works as it should from then on
  2. Thanks for the advice, Callum. That is what I already did, as mentioned in the original post: I made sure my drivers are up to date: Once the problem occured, I checked and updated the driver. Just to clarify: Affinity products did work flawlessly prior the Windows update. I am using HP SPectre x360, Intel HD Graphics 520. Any other suggestions?
  3. After Win 10 updated, none of Affinity apps works: It opens, but there are no icons, no toolbars...nothing. Hovering mouse over places, where menus are, causes them to pop, but none of commands works: I wanted to open preferences to fix things, but nothing happened. Affinity Photo opens as a white screen, mouse button makes "ding, ding", once I hit escape, I can at least click upper right corner and the app closes... Tried to reinstall/uninstall/restart/install to no avail. My OS is up to date, so are drivers. I tried to open the app with Ctrl button to no avail... please, help, I am lost. Please, find attached screenshot of the Publisher: achieved by doubleclicking the older file, that made that opening advertisement to go away a enabled blind-hitting of the menu
  4. See attached pics: Original image before crop Cropped image ...so far so good, normal behavior Perspective command active - please note the grid - its size exceeds the size of the cropped image, thus causing results of the perspective command to stretch out of the canvas Image closed and reopened, Perspective command active - please note the grid, now it has proper dimensions of the canvas, so perspective command would work properly It seems the original size before srop is used by the perspective tool instead of the current image size.
  5. Thanks, Dominik - it works, so consider this topic closed
  6. Once I select the linked document in the Layers pane, it highlights which is fine. It would be even better there was command in the rtclick menu, allowing to zoom to that document. At least in my workflow it is quite frequent sequence: Select linked document in the list, zoom to it and work on it... zooming as works now is quite cumbersome in this situation, it is quite easy to lose focus...
  7. Once I make changes in linked files, such changes stay in the copy of the file, saved inside the afpub document. Update via Resource Manager overwrites such changes. I would welcome the ability to save changes I made inside Publisher out to original files, to update them back - it is one more button in the resource manager and an indicator, showing the file was changed inside the Publisher
  8. as above, I was warned against the use of any PDF/X by printing company. Once I see them, I am going to ask for reasons.
  9. For me, the holy grail is not to bother with any command-line utilities, to worry what might get lost in translation... I think everyone wants to get the result in one step instead of two... that is the whole point of using software, is it not? Thanks for the advice anyway... it will sorely be helpful - Ghostscript is something you can bet on indeed...
  10. All PDF export options produce layered PDFs, which are difficult to read by certain RIP printing machines. If it was possible to add the option to export old, non-layered PDF (PDF 1.3), it would be helpful. Thanks
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