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  1. StruffelProductions

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    After updating to 1.7 the situation has improved significantly. I did get one crash, but many of the previously unusable tiff files can now be opened.
  2. StruffelProductions

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    This file was created using the Software xNormal . And it really is quite large, but using tiff is the only way to get 16 bit color out of that software. One thing I am curious about is this "Strip Byte Counts" which is exactly one above the 32bit integer limit. I don't really know what that value represents in the context of a tiff image but this sounds like the kind of thing that could cause an Int overflow which crashes the entire software.
  3. StruffelProductions

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Hi, I am having problems opening tiff files in Affinity Photo (Windows Store version). Upon dropping a file into the software it creates an error message (see tiff_error.png). The box pops up immediately, without any visible attempt at loading the file (no extended loading time or increased RAM usage). Just to clarify that it is not something with my PC or this specific file: I can open this image in Photoshop, GIMP and Krita at the same time (see opened_elsewhere.png) and still have 10+ GB of RAM left. I have also attached a screenshot of my performance preferences, in case that helps. You can also download one of the problematic files on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sq0xRGierqJgkhw3mHicIiffurQuOsYf I hope this issue can be resolved as it makes an otherwise extremely capable (and so much cheaper!) Photoshop alternative useless to me. -Greetings, Lennart