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  1. Has there been any discussion of an update for Designer for iPad? The move/node tool issues are significant, and it’s getting worse, not better. Tonight, I had to quit and restart the app several times, as the snapping stopped working, then the move and node editing tools stopped functioning. And it’s still attempting to render a close up visual when I use a second finger on the screen, which doesn’t work with the Apple Pencil. I love these apps, but they’ve become almost unusable, and there’s been no updates for some time.
  2. Hey DM1–thanks for the head’s up, especially from another Aussie. :) (Technically, I’m American, but I live in Australia.) I hope the developers will show the same interest and respond soon with an update. It’s been an issue for a while.
  3. Hey guys! I've been using Designer for almost a year exclusively on my iPad with an Apple Pencil, and I'm running into an issue that's been present since I started using the app. When attempting to adjust the anchors on any vector element, the sensitivity around what I'm selecting is poor. I'm often moving handles when I'm trying to move anchors, and even selecting another anchor is testy. And I'm not referring to when things are close together and therefore understandable that what you intend to select is unclear. This is an issue with Designer, as I recently started working in another vector-based drawing app, and selecting handles and anchors was positively joyful, as I had very few issues, whether I was zoomed out or in on the image. This may be a known issue and is being worked on, but I didn't see anything when I searched for it. I'm using an iPad Pro 11" with the Apple Pencil 2nd gen, and I have the latest updates installed (iOS 12.2/Designer I also had the same issue when I ran the app on my iPad Pro 9.7" with the Apple Pencil 1st gen. If this could be added to the "fix" list, that would be awesome, as it's a rather frustrating element in an otherwise brilliant app that I've used for professional and personal use.
  4. ciavyn

    Magnifying popup rendering freezes

    I also have this issue--glad to see it's not just me. :) Looking forward to the fix.

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