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  1. Is there a start to finnish video on making sign stencil's with Affinity Designer? Or is there anybody that has the time to make the video so I can watch it on iPad wile I try and make it on my Mac? I did this with the free Inkscape, But I would like to work with Affinity if I could find a way. Thank You KDJ
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have a Cricut maker to cut any stencil design. I would like to know how to bridge the center of letters/numbers so could use whatever font style I like. I know nothing about design software programs. if anybody knows of a tutorial I could watch on my iPad and work on my Mac as I watch it being done, that would be great? Or, if anybody has the time to tell me step by step start to Finnish that would work also. Thanks so mush KDJ
  3. Hello Everybody, Just got Affinity Designer for Mac. I've never worked with one in my life or any other. Is there a tutorial on making sign stencil's, can it even be done with Affinity Designer? Any help would be great, Thank you