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  1. No document prints... Yes, the next step is complete uninstall and reinstall of the printer package, but I have a deadline next month and since the printer is working fine for all except Affinity products, this will have to wait till after the deadline.
  2. No, my problem is as I said, that "I can't print" (not just the settings...) When try to print I get: An error occurred while printing. The print job was canceled from the Print Manager @Joachim_L do you actually manage to print?
  3. You don't have to even get to the actual printing point to see the issue. If you try File, Print, Properties, and change any of the properties (like media type), and click OK, and they click on Properties again, the changes you made did not stick -- as if you never made them, works fine on other printers. Searching the Forum, I can see that the same (or similar?) problem has been reported on the Canon ipf series printers, going back to 2017.
  4. MS Uninstall Troubleshooter eventually did the trick, thank you!
  5. Using Canon ipf8300 Not only can't I print, but changes I make in the Print dialog box, like changes under Properties, don't stick. Using version Printer works fine from other programs. Suggestions?
  6. 1.8.3 does not start (nothing happens). Tried to "repair", got setup failed message. Tried to upgrade to 1.8.4, got "the older version of Affinity Publisher can not be removed" Tried to manually uninstall 1.8.3, get "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available" ... or enter alternative path to the folder containing the installation package "Affinity.msi". Use source: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\AffinitySetup\d8d0b681-cade-11ea-835d-74d02b989015\ Suggestions?
  7. Since I can't show this, I'll go on to the next problem
  8. White text on black background, new Beta renders PDF as gray, old Beta was black.
  9. It seems that the problem's source is a profile mismatch bug in Lightroom. I will update this tread if there is any part of this issue related to Publisher.
  10. Tomorrow, I'll try to create an example I can upload, and also make sure there was not a mistake in my work flow...
  11. I don't have preflight on this computer, but embedding the ICC profile when exporting does not solve the problem.
  12. Open RGB PDF, convert to CMYK (GARCoL 2006), export to PDF (no embedded profile). Now open new CMYK PDF in Acrobat, colors are way too saturated. Open new CMYK PDF in PS, colors are correct.
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