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  1. Hey, it's like 6 months later. Too bad no response found it's way in here. Any updates on that topic?
  2. Hi Guys, Yesterday, I discovered on a YouTube video that there is an "open from cloud" option and instantly got hyped since I felt like "if you drop lightroom and stick with Affinity Photo, you can go iPad only". Next thing I know is that I was buying Affinity Photo to check out how it works and sadly discovered that you, for some reason, can only "import from cloud" when it comes to Amazon Drive. Whenever I click on "open from cloud", Amazon Drive won't even show up. That was kind of a bummer since I expected this to work as it seemed to use Apple Files and whatever cloud storage is added there. Without Amazon Drive support, Affinity Photo unfortunately still isn't "the one" enabling me to go iPad only. Is this known? Does anybody has some insights? Is this on the roadmap? Is this an Amazon issue and not an Affinity Photo one? Thanks in advance, lzrchn