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  1. Hey there, Yes, I tried moving the Rope/Window slider to different numbers but it didn't seem to have an impact on the corrective behavior/fidelity to my actual stroke for finer movement.
  2. Hey @GabrielM Thanks so much for replying to my message! I think my experience was related to a mix of a questionable tablet driver update, comparing it to AI (blob brush), and the brush's setting profile + variance, along with what you suggested. For the latter, I imagined if it's a pressure sensitive brush, the global control set to Pressure shouldn't change but that's good to know. The only other issue, if you don't mind me asking here instead of creating a new thread, is the vector brush seems to frequently overcorrect my strokes (See attached). I've tested different velocities, etc. with no luck. In AI, I'm able to adjust the fidelity from accurate to smooth. I haven't been able to find something similar in Affinity — does it exist? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I've just installed the trial for the desktop Affinity Designer to give the software and vector drawing a try but I'm experiencing issues with pressure sensitivity. I'm on OSX Mojave, Affinity 1.6.5, using an XP-Pen tablet. The pressure sensitivity setting is turned on, and the pressure works fine in other applications (AI, PS, etc.). Some oddities are once the Pressure controller is turned on, the size of the brush drops down to its default smallest size but None changes it to the set default size (e.g. 32px). I thought perhaps I wasn't pressing hard enough so I went to the highest size but it made no difference. Lastly, it creates strange patterns if I continue to hold the drawing for a moment at the start of the stroke, which you can see in the attached image. I've tried relaunching, and restarting. Any ideas? So far, this is a bummer to start but I'm hoping it can be fixed. Thanks!