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  1. Hello, I am inexperienced with Affinity Suite. I would like to create the same as attached. I accomplished this with Affinity Designer, however the approach I took meant it was necessary to line up the layers of the circle by eye, and they are not quite right. I used the donut tool to create the segments, and rotated each segment into position. For layer two, I created another donut segment, matching its length and spacing by eye. Is thee a better approach I should be taking please? Thanks
  2. Carl, thats perfect! thanks very much, is this a process I could repeat in the future?
  3. Hello, I have an icon vector template that for some reason, has a a subtly different colour to the icons deployed in my application. I would like to be able to apply an adjustment to my template to bring its colour inline with those in my application. There are areas in the icon template with uniform colour (#7CC147), so is there a way I can make an adjustment so these areas will become (#1DC021), and all other colours in the icon will be adjusted accordingly? Thanks
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