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  1. Yes, that's right. All the more reason that should Affinity Publisher have the ability to open INDD files, it would gain even more customers. Quark is now offering a huge reduction in price to encourage Indesign users to switch to Xpress from Adobe's CC subscription rip-off, and many of those prospects would find Affinity Publisher much more attractive not only for the price, but also for the ability to open the INDD files. In my opinion, it would be a missed opportunity on Serif's part not to offer that capability.
  2. Serif has already stated that their plan is for Publisher to open InDesign IDML files eventually, but the question of opening INDD friles is till undecided apparently.
  3. Backwards thinking. Quark Xpress can open InDesign files, so Affinity Publisher could have the same ability. As to "shooting itself in the foot": Serif is counting on taking as much market share as possible from Adobe, not the other way around.
  4. I was running CS5 with 10.10.4 on a 2011 17" MacBook Pro on which the logic board finally failed, an d Apple no longer sells replacement parts for older MacBook Pro. I bought a new one with Mojave, transferred all apps and data from back-up external hard drive, and now when I try to launch Photoshop, InDesign, or any apps in the CS, an error message appears saying I need to remove and re-install. But how can I re-install? I no longer have the original DMG files from the initial download. In any case, given the comments of others on this blog, the apps won't work on Mojave anyway. So, like many others, I've installed Affinity Photo and Publisher, which appear so far to be very well-thought-out apps. EXCEPT that it seems that the plans are for Publisher to eventually accept IDML files, but perhaps not INDD files, which all of mine are. Seems like Affinity may be shooting itself in the foot on this one, given the huge potential market base composed of those who have happily continued to work with CS4,5, and 6, and therefore have INDD files. Any news/comments?
  5. Can an Affinity moderator please provide an update on when Publisher will be able to import, read, and work with INDD files? This is a VERY essential and decisive capability. Not many designers will switch to Publisher without this ability. Thank you.