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  1. Thankyou for the suggestion of Selecting Preferences where | found you could select the User Interface to Dark or Light. I selected 'Light' and the problem seems to have been solved.
  2. AFFINITY PUBLISHER (Beta) Having downloaded Affinity Publisher Beta (AFBeta) and tried it out, I find that for me there is a serious problem over the choice of using a default black background with all the tool bars, and controls for this software. One of the big issues with this is it makes it more difficult to see these than if it the default setup was onto a white background as it is in Pageplus. As an example when you drive at night it is always more difficult than during daytime and so the greys are not so easily distinguishable as they would be during daylight hours. On AFBeta it was quite difficult for example to highlight the Help tab and many others. Using AFBeta is a bit like driving in the dark. The useful tutorials also unfortunately chose to work with a black default colour for the page, A good majority of software programs work with a light or pale background, eg MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook , AutoCAD, Dymo Printer, and Acrobat Reader for example. Others such as Internet browsers Google, Yahoo etc work broadly in a similar way. All these and the Pageplus program are so much easier visually to use. Using Affinity Publisher Beta I find it much more difficult to pick out the greys from the black background. As the population ages also and eye problems become more prevalent this can surely only aggravate the situation with using a black background for software. I can see the advantages and improvements offered by AFBeta, but for me I will probably stick with Pageplus as long as practically possible before I upgrade to Affinity. It is probably too late to ask for an option where the default setup is a light background like Pageplus, but it would be so much easier to use if there was this option. David Bryant

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