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  1. finally i can import my lut. thanks. i checked on my computer cube file on my google drive is .lrpreset. i try to direct copy to ipad from computer and test the cube file and work.. yeahhhhh thanks all
  2. yes of course. it happen to all my projects. and now i can't apply my lut file to affinity photo. T_T. I confuse with my app. it doesnt help me
  3. This is my version of AP
  4. how can i know i was running in beta ios or not?
  5. I’ve reinstall te AP but still close if i try import LUT to project file. Whats wrong with my AP. T_T
  6. Same. Always close 026A34BA-22D8-4E28-ACF1-C5F6548DCA53.MP4
  7. 6MB. done. but still close when import LUT to AP. should i reinstall AP so it becomes normally?
  8. i've did as you say. but when i choose my LUT from load button AP suddenly close.
  9. i use ipad pro 10.5 with 256gb of rom. and free space 240gb
  10. Hi sir. I can't import my LUT file (.cube) to my affinity photo for ipad. but when the same LUT i apply to lumafusion it work normally. please help me. in this time ill also upload my lut in .cube file bjorndale night.cube