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  1. Hey there - lively discussion here, that's pretty nice. The bottom right handle is also a nice thing when resizing the text box, really nice. But actually, I wanted to have a feature which automatically resizes the text to fit best into the text box. Typing in each line, marking all and have the computer fit each line as best as possible into the text box - of course, I can justify all and then manually resize each single line to fit best to the box without wrapping around, but I would like to automatically have this done as this would save me from doing this manual work. But this is just a suggestion for a new feature, nothing with priority, I can still do that manually if required.
  2. Hi Publisher Team, great product of yours! I already bought a license. Just one feature is missing - the "Fit to box" feature, which resizes the font in each line to automatically fit the text box's width as mentioned in this post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/70240-resize-text-automatically/&do=findComment&comment=363910 It would be great to see this feature in your product so that an effect like in the attached image would be easy - today I need to manually resize every single line to fit the text in properly.
  3. Great piece of software! I stumbled upon a missing feature, though. I was not able to export my work into a PDF as a booklet and had to use a PDF printer instead. would be great to have the Export to PDF directly with the same options as the Printer and export a file as a Book or booklet,... thanks a lot!
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